What is Phenibut? Read The Ultimate Phenibut Guide!

Phenibut is a very popular nootropic compound. It is also known as fenibut and phenybut. More specifically, in Russia and other countries, it is also called Noofen, Fenibut, Agente, Gabaérgico, and Anvifen.

Chemical names for the drug include Acid 4-Amino-3-Phenylbutyric Acid, Phenyl-GABA, and Bêta-Phényl-GABA.

A neurotransmitter molecule called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) blocks excitatory impulses from nerve cells that are sent to the brain. Phenibut imitates the action of GABA, being chemically similar in structure. It is commonly being used as a nootropic (cognitive enhancement aid), offering cognitive benefits but also being used to research depression and anxiety. It is known to be a product used for neuropsychiatry.

Phenibut helps control the responses of the brain for different ailments. Phenibut is used and researched to alleviate social anxiety and generalized anxiety, disorders of movement, emotional disorders, “brain fog”, disturbing thoughts, depression, and many other health conditions. Read on to find out what Phenibut does, how it works, the benefits of Phenibut, and where to buy Phenibut.

How Phenibut Works?

Phenibut Chemical Structure
Phenibut Chemical Structure

Phenibut imitates the action of GABA, without causing excessive drowsiness. The brain’s GABA receptors receive GABA signals that control depression, stress, anxiety, tiredness, and more. To do this, the compound needs a way to travel into the brain through the blood so it can reach the GABA receptors of the brain.

Phenibut contains what is known as a phenyl ring that crosses the blood-brain barrier to allow the drug to bind effectively with those GABA receptors. GABA alone (available as a dietary supplement) will not cross the blood-brain barrier. Natural GABA is controlled by the blood-brain barrier, allowing only a select number of GABA neurotransmitters to pass through.

Phenibut is essentially like GABA, but in β-position, it has a substitution (phenyl ring). The para-position of the phenyl ring contains a hydrogen atom rather than a chlorine atom found in that area by drugs like Baclofen, a similar GABA-ergic compound.

Phenibut bypasses the blood-brain barrier because of this the phenyl ring, enabling the compound to bind to the GABA receptors of the brain to provide consistent benefits where it is most required by the brain and body, resulting in decreased depression, anxiety, fatigue, and more.

Phenibut is known to improve mood and focus based on available research. This means that Phenibut has a broader function than natural GABA alone.

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