Red Vein Kratom Powder


Premium Red Vein Kratom Leaf Powder.

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Red Vein Kratom Powder.

Kratom, or Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family. This plant grows naturally in Southeast Asia, and is indigenous to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Papua, New Guinea, and Myanmar. Kratom is available in several strains, primarily green vein, white vein, and red vein. Each strain type is associated with a slightly different alkaloid profile. Green vein and white vein Kratom strains tend to contain more stimulating alkaloids, whereas red vein Kratom strains tend more opioid-agonist type alkaloids. Kratom has been traditionally consumed in the form of fresh leaves (chewing) or in the form of tea. More recently, it has become popular to consume Kratom in the form of finely ground leaf powder, or capsules containing finely ground leaf powder.

Based on subjective use-case reports and available data, a premium red vein Kratom is high desired for its quality calming, relaxing, and sedating effects. Many people report to prefer red vein Kratom for stronger pain relieving properties, without the stimulation that can accompany green or white vein Kratom strains. Given the relative lack of stimulating alkaloids present in red vein Kratom, it is often chosen over green vein or white vein Kratom for night time use, as user reports suggest that it can be helpful for sleep issues and insomnia. The prominent alkaloids in red vein Kratom have shown to relax muscle and relieve pain. Many use-cases suggest that people are using these Kratom benefits as an alternative or complement to pharmaceutical painkillers, muscle relaxers, and sleep medication. Red vein Kratom is typically more red-brown in color.  Red vein Kratom is suggested to be the most popular strain of Kratom for users seeking pain relief, muscle relaxation, and sedation.

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