Kanna Extract Powder 200:1

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Kanna Extract Powder 200:1

10 Grams.

Buy Kanna Extract Powder 200:1 with high alkaloid content (uniquely standardized for a high mesembrenone, low mesembrine ratio).

ELV Bioscience’s unique Kanna extract is imported directly from South Africa. We then use a proprietary extraction method to reduce mesembrine content and preserve mesembrenone content.

This extract has been created to harness the benefits of mesembrenone, which have shown in some preliminary clinical research to promote (with consistent use) an anti-depressive effect, a mood-brightening effect, and an anxyiolytic effect in subjects, without the side effects of many prescription SSRI’s.

ELV Bioscience’s Kanna is designed to be an improvement on Zembrin® (via higher mesembrenone content) Reference: Zembrin®

Many people interested in Kanna and Kanna extracts, are familiar with a mesembrine-promoted “rush,” however this is often associated with many negative side effects. Based on anecdotal meta-analysis, about 6-7 out of 10 people find the effects of high-mesembrine Kanna to be unpleasant, and to come with undesirable side effects if consumed.

We receive significant feedback suggesting that those who experiment with this extract, find sublingual administration in test subjects to be optimal.

ELV Bioscience does not make any recommendations for use of this product.


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