Phenibut: A Magical and Psychotropic Nootropic

A GABA-acting psychotropic compound named Phenibut is popularly known for its anti-anxiety and nootropic effects on the human body. It is used in Russia for anxiety, battling fatigue, PTSD, sleeplessness, depression, and alcoholism. It is also used for recreational purposes. Today, let’s check out the benefits of Phenibut according to numerous researches.

Cognitive Enhancer

Phenibut is a type of nootropic that causes an increase in motivation, memory, attention and concentration levels. As per a clinical trial on 62 people with chronic anxiety, phobia, cognitive impairment, a dosage of 1,000 mg/day of phenibut in 73% cases enhanced concentration , memory, and emotional intelligence.

In a trial on rats, Phenibut enhanced memory and helped rats learn faster in the early stages and respond to stress. Its results were stable and instantly visible. The advantages are possibly due to the activation of the GABA (both GABA-A and GABA-B). The results of learning and memory enhancement have been confirmed in another test on mice.

Reducing Anxiety & Aggression

In a clinical trial of 62 people with anxiety and chronically reduced brain blood flow, phenibut reduced anxiety in 79% of cases. At the same time, phenibut reduced tiredness, improved sleep and increased energy levels.

In rabbits, the phenibut, in response to negative emotional stimuli, reduced fear and anxiety. It helped them ease their escape from stressful situations. It had the strongest effect on active rabbits, though it had little effect on normal or more passive rabbits.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

For most cases, in a clinical trial of 53 people with chronic fatigue and impaired brain blood flow, phenibut decreased fatigue by 30 – 50%. This reduced mental exhaustion, as well as improved motivation. Reduced mental exhaustion was also directly related to an improvement in cognitive performance.

In a trial of 60 children with emotional exhaustion (neurasthenia) and anxiety, in 67% of cases, phenibut (500 mg/day) improved emotional symptoms. Phenibut performed well with an 87% improvement in children who also felt exhaustion, weakness, and pain among other emotional symptoms.

Eases out Insomnia

In clinical trials, Phenibut improved the sleep of people who suffer from insomnia as a result of various other conditions.

For example, phenibut increased the length of the main sleep phases over 2 days in 12 alcoholics in early abstinence. It also enhanced sleep in nervous people and those with headaches.


Approximately half of the population suffering from high blood pressure often experience nausea and this at times this causes dizziness in them. In a clinical trial on 58 humans with high blood pressure, a dosage of 500mg/day of phenibut decreases dizziness, anxiety, and kept the energy level up.

Exercise Performance and Libido

There are no reports on the effects of phenibut on performance workouts or libido enhancement. Studies of animals that demonstrate natural GABA will improve the development of performance and growth hormone.

But although GABA is a naturally occurring chemical, phenibut is a different compound, chemically modified. We cannot say it’s going to have the same impact but there are many positive anecdotal reports of improved exercise performance with the use of phenibut.

Phenibut increased energy levels in experiments on individuals with chronic fatigue or impaired functioning of the brain. It also has euphoric effects which reduce anxiety. So when these add up, we can understand its potential for improving exercise performance and sexual function indirectly.

Phenibut has many other benefits like Increasing Heat Resistance, Improving Alcohol Dependence, ADHD, Tics and Stuttering, and Tension Headaches.

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