How Phenibut Can Help You Improve Your Health?

Phenibut Chemical Structure
Phenibut Chemical Structure

The gamma-aminobutyric acid, also known as GABA, is a natural neurotransmitter. It blocks impulses which are transmitted to the brain through nerve cells. It is the brain’s primary inhibitory (calming) neurotransmitter. However, GABA in supplemental form cannot cross the blood brain barrier, and will not exert an effect. Phenibut (Phenyl-GABA) imitates the GABA functionalities, as it is a GABA analogue that can cross the blood brain barrier. Its primary function is acting as a GABA-B receptor agonist. It is currently sold as a cognitive enhancement nootropic but is also used to combat depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Most health conditions arise from the response of the brain to the chemical signals it receives. Depression, anxiety, fear responses, exhaustion, tension, headaches and more are caused by the body’s neurotransmitters interacting with your brain and how your brain responds to these stimuli.

Phenibut helps control the reactions of your brain by inhibiting excess stimulation. This will promote a calming effect. Based on reports, users of Phenibut can be relieved from social activity, movement disorders, irrational responses, confused thinking, troubled thoughts, depression, insomnia, overstimulation, and other issues.

Alternate names of Phenibut

The common name for this nootropic drug is phenibut. It does have other generic names like fenibut and phenybut. More specifically, it has been branded in Russia and other countries with brand names such as Noofen, Fenibut and Anvifen that legally allow it for medicinal use.

The Chemical name for Phenibut is: β-phenyl-γ-aminobutyric acid

Is Phenibut Legal in the USA?

Phenibut is not currently approved for medicinal use in the US. This, however, applies solely to its use for medical purposes. Or put it another way, a physician cannot recommend it or prescribe it. There were in general no trials or studies on humans in the US, but they were tested on animals and showed positive outcomes for different conditions. Phenibut is available as a research chemical in the USA.

How Phenibut Helps?

Phenibut, being a nootropic and neuropsychotropic compound, is reported to help with a variety of issues mentioned earlier in this article. However, the primary reports from phenibut research and individual reports are related to reducing anxiety, depression, insomnia, and fear.

In other countries, phenibut is also used medicinally to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

Since phenibut helps with fatigue, anxiety, depression, and stress; it can help improve social interactions, work performance, and other health-related conditions. It’ll be easier and less stressful to connect with others and users can have the ability to have more fun. This is due to a reduction in anxiety, social anxiety, fear response, and irritability. As for job performance, unlike other GABA analogues or inhibitor compounds such as benzodiazepines, phenibut in lower doses is not sedating. People report increases in concentration, creativity, and efficiency.

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Phenibut Certificate of Analysis
ELV Bioscience Phenibut Certificate of Analysis